Methodology and Tools

The objective of the KTC Management Consulting Methodology is to organize and direct the Work Streams involved achieving the Program Business Case. The methodology is designed to address the Operational and Organizational changes required while significantly improving Business Performance to obtaining benefits identified in the Business Case. The methodology contains modules that focus on Business Process Reengineering, Business Redesign and Strategic Implementation.

Business Reengineering – Focuses on Consulting Activities that include Strategic Intent and Organizational Repositioning, Opportunity Identification, and Operational aspects of Business Redesign.

  • − Develop a Business Vision and accompanying Performance. This ensures that the ensuing Business Design is both implementable and fully leverages Organizational Capability.

  • − Demonstrate elements of the Business Vision. This allows the Program Team to validate complex Business Design Issues by demonstrating specific elements of the enabled Business Vision.

  • − Design Business Processes that fully leverage the Organizational Capabilities. Business Processes should be flexible and adaptable to future Business Requirements.

Strategic Implementation – Focuses on Consulting Activities that include Strategic Vision and Targets and Organizational Capabilities Design

  • − Develop a compelling Business Case consisting of internal and external Business Drivers. Internal drivers include Change Imperatives related to Strategy, People, Process, and Technology. External drivers include Change Imperatives related to Customers, Legislation, and External Stakeholders.

  • − Develop an Enterprise Structure to describe the Organizational Capabilities and their hierarchical relationships.